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The Gone Girl audiobook featuring audio post production by Reckless Century Studios.
Marvel Duel with Dialogue Editing by Reckless Century Productio
Accessory to War audiobook featuring audio post production by Reckless Century Studios.
guild wars 2 end of dragons with Dialogue Editing by Reckless Century Productio
Reckless Century Production Founder and Audio Post Production Sound Engineer, Joakim.

Bringing Your Artistic Vision to Life

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The Short Story

Audio post production company, Reckless Century Production, was founded in Sweden in 2015. Building on a background providing live audio and lighting for acts like Smash Into Pieces and The Unguided, Reckless Century Production now specialises in audio post production. Our team of experienced engineers have worked on multiple indie movies and television series, as well as hundreds of AAA audiobook productions for major publishers including Penguin Random House. Now, the London-based team has grown, expanding into AAA video games, animation shows and podcasts. We offer the highest quality audio post production services to companies all over the world, using our knowledge and the right tools to finish your project to the highest possible quality.


Experienced Engineers

Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of the audio post production field.

Prompt Communication

We are always quick to respond to any inquiries you have when communicating about your project.

Attention To Detail

Nothing slips past us, ensuring you’ll have a finished product that will impress. 


A Short Introduction To What We Do

Audiobook Post Production

Get crisp and professional audiobooks 


Video Games

Clear dialogue and captivating sound design

SFX Design

Dialogue Editing

Bring perfection to your dialogue


Produce professional products

Immersive sound design

Get the best from your record


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