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Years of Dedication to Perfecting the Craft

Joakim Nilsson started Reckless Century Production in 2015 in Sweden with the goals of perfecting his skills in audio engineering and making every project amazing. Joakim earned a Bachelor's Degree in audio and light engineering from Malmo University, and continued his studies at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, where he graduated with a Post Production Certificate, numerous Pro Tools Certifications, and an award for ‘Best Student’. 

He has grown the Reckless Century Production with his outstanding audio post production work on independent movies and TV show productions - not to mention the hundreds of AAA audiobooks for publishers like Penguin Random House. 


Now based in London, the growing Reckless Century Production team of sound engineers work with industry standard tools like iZotope RX Advanced, Fab Filter, Waves and Pro Tools, amongst others, using their knowledge and experience to make every project amazing - just as Joakim envisioned.


Some of our Audio Post Production Achievements

Grammy nomination: Accessory To War (2019)
Audie Award Winner: His Truth Keeps Marching On (2021)
Audie Award nomination: This Is Your Mind On Plants (2022)
Audie Award nomination: Squeeze Me (2021)
Audie Award
 nomination: The Nickel Boys (2020)

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